Are you Fit "n" Happy?

      That's a question I ask all my clients at their initial consultations.  The answer is generally "no they're not and that's the reason for them meeting with me.  Taking the first step in meeting with a certified fitness trainer or what I like to refer to as "Lifestyle agent of change" is the hardest step.  Most of the clients I meet would consider that to be their "Rock Bottom" due to underlying health issues that have resonated this need for change.  It's easy for me to relate to all my clients, even the ones faced with serious health issues that could only get worse if something is not done.  At one point of my life I was 60-80 pounds overweight, constantly tired, unhealthy food choices, borderline cholesterol, and blood sugar readings led me to the point of not wanting to be sick and tired anymore.

     After 13 years of training properly, eating right, studying human physiology/kinesiology, going to college, and earning my (NSCA-CPT) ultimately led me to my purpose....Help others achieve obtainable fitness and lifestyle goals.

After a couple of years I wanted to challenge myself once again and continue to further my education in the fitness field.  So I decided to pursue and obtain my certification as a "Senior Fitness Specialist".

     This has allowed me to work with all different kinds of clients; student athletes, 40 something's, women trying to get that pre baby body back, and even senior citizens faced with certain physical limitations that require in-home services.

     My calling in life will continue to allow me to inspire, motivate, and promote leadership to change lives for the better.

George Chris Baran


Personal Trainer